About us



The Sober Curious Collective celebrates life beyond alcohol. 

Like-minded, curious and adventurous, we’re united in our passion to get more out of life. 

By living sober curiously you’ll discover brighter days, bigger smiles and deeper conversations. It also helps you achieve better sleep, greater clarity and boundless energy to take-on a life of endless adventure. 

We’re passionate about changing the world’s relationship with alcohol and inspiring more people to live a sober curious life. We challenge the idea that alcohol is required for fun, intimacy, friendships and experiences. It’s about rethinking drinking. 

We empower you to make conscious choices to drink as much or as little as you like, as often as you want, or not drink at all. We never justify what we drink, and we don’t judge others and their choices. 

As a social enterprise, any profit we make is invested back into our cause and community – a proportion is donated to not-for-profit organisations assisting young people and families affected by alcohol. 

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