Sober Curious? Join us celebrating life beyond alcohol.

 Like-minded, curious and adventurous, we’re united in our passion to get more out of life. 

Celebrating life beyond alcohol

Empowering a community of like-minded individuals embracing a life of sobriety with a sense of adventure and curiosity.

Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change.  

There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Contact us to find out  more about awesome experiences and events and ways that you can get  our message to your friends and family.

Brighter days, bigger smiles and deeper conversations

Better sleep, greater clarity and boundless energy

Rethinking drinking

There’s more to life than booze

Alcohol is not required for fun, intimacy, friendships and
good times

Changing the world’s relationship with alcohol

Shining a light on the unspoken culture of drinking 

Get more out of life

Push and reset boundaries

Discover what’s possible 

Take back your weekend

Great nights, amazing mornings

Love Sundays again 

Be well, be free

Part of a total wellness mindset 

Be curious together 

Everyone is welcome (you don’t need to an alcoholic)

Swimming against the tide is much easier with company • Connect with other like-minded people

Find and share knowledge 

No judgement, no apologies, no regrets 

We drink as much or as little as we like, as often as we want - or none at all 

No rules, no steps, no programmes 

We don’t preach, tell you what to do or how to live • Question why and make conscious choices 

0% alcohol; 100% wow/stunning/delicious/awesome... 

Check out the hottest sober-friendly bars and events 

Sober hacks 

Tips for living sober curiously 

Adventure without limits 

Do more, see more with action packed alcohol free trips 

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